8 Year Sharp Cheddar

CHEDDAR is better they say! 

Wisconsin doesn't have the birth rights to this wonderful diverse cheese, but definitely has made it well known throughout the world.  Cheddar England is the birth place of cheddar, although Wisconsin gave cheddar cheese its stardom by doing everything with this cheese.  You can have Sharp, mild, bold, creamy, hard, white, orange, crumbled, sliced, diced, melted, stuffed, rubbed, added with herds, spicy, combined with blue, well you get the picture.  We at Stamper Cheese of Florida love to bring you this 8 year old cheddar that has intense tangy kick to your mouth you are looking for if you like a sharp cheddar, its wonderful orange hue formed by the annatto seed gives this cheddar a sleek look before you enjoy the intense cheddar flavor.  Don't forget about the crunchy crystals, yes this cheddar has created within, the calcium lactate that hardens and adds more enjoyment to your cheese journey.

an additional step called cheddaring

While cheddar cheese starts off like other cheeses – with rennet introduced to the milk to separate the curds and whey – an additional step called cheddaring is what gives cheddar its distinctive texture. During this process, the curds are cut, made into blocks and then turned and stacked repeatedly to release more whey, giving the cheese more density and acidity.

Cheddar is a category that covers a wide range of cheeses – everything from young cheddar to aged cheddar cheeses to hybrids like cheddar blue. The common denominator for these widely varying cheeses is a process called cheddaring that adds acidity and removes more moisture for a denser texture. The flavor of any given cheddar depends on how long it's aged for. The older it is, the stronger the flavor profile. Wisconsin is one of the only places on the planet that has cheesemakers aging some of their cheddars for up to 20 years.

But why is Wisconsin cheddar better, you ask?

For one thing, we've been making cheese for more than 175 years, and we're the only state that requires our cheesemakers to both complete an apprenticeship and have a license. We have the only Master Cheesemaker program in the world outside of Switzerland – which is why every Master in America has called Wisconsin home. And we've won more cheese awards (5,552 and counting) than anybody, anywhere (yeah, we're looking at you, Germany, France and Italy.)

The sharpness of aged cheddar

The sharpness of aged cheddar goes well with a little sticky sweetness – apricot marmalade is our personal favorite. This hearty 8 Year Cheddar goes well with mature beverages with a touch of sweetness – try Belgian ales, cider, bock, or saison ales. And for wine, a riesling, chardonnay, syrah, or pinot noir are great bets.

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