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Every business usually has a back story of how it grew out of a garage or the family has been running it for decades.  This story has many events as to how the stand in front of you started.  I never pictured being in Florida doing farmers markets, let alone having my family move down and work with me.  

The key word is FRIENDS.  This all began with one guy selling cheese at a few markets in Chicago, that friend needed help and had another high school friend from Shawano, WI help, then another.  From those friends one became the licensed cheese maker, the other two learned the ins and outs of aging cheese and the business process of dairies, milk, and the world of farmers markets.  The market season unfortunately isn’t year-round and other ways to make money are needed to pay the bills to keep the wonderful cheese available for the markets.  So, in the same way some of our customers escape the cold weather and head south we tried markets in Florida.   That was 2014, fast forward to today and my entire family and I do over 20 markets a week.  We listened to the most important people, our customers from Wisconsin and Chicago  I love hearing from customers how they get our cheese at a market in Chicago area and have also enjoyed our curds down in Florida on the beach while their friends and family are freezing up north in the wintertime.  

We do not make all the cheese you see in front of you, although we have a hand in one or more of the process before you purchase and enjoy.  From the ten cheeses we make, three smoked, to the rest we extra age before sale.  We have aging caves in the Green Bay, Chicago, and Quincy Illinois.   Dan, Posselt our cheese maker, and 2 other hometown friends recently purchased a run down farmhouse and land to build their own cheese factory and store, just north east of Green Bay on the way to Door County.

So check out our schedule of markets and attend on of the many great farmers markets in Florida. And if you can’t make one then check out our online store and get it delivered to your door.

Take care,

The Stamper Cheese of Florida Family