Classic Cheddar Curds in Florida

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Growing up in Wisconsin you are usually not too far from a local dairy that makes cheddar curds.  For the many out there that aren't familiar with curds, alls you need to know is millions of people enjoy them as is, deep fried, toss them in your salads, or do as the Canadians do and throw them in with fries and gravy for the famous dish called Poutine.  We sell our white cheddar curds throughout south Florida at Farmers Markets.  Our concern at first was the squeak, if you are familiar with squeaky curds you would know that the squeak is the sign of a good curd.  Before we started doing markets in Florida we froze a batch of freshly made cheddar curds and waited a few weeks.  We thawed and served at room temp and low and behold they still had a slight squeak!  You can also put in the microwave for a few seconds depending on how many you are planning to consume. They will be almost as squeaky as the day they were made.  Get your white cheddar curds plain or our top seller Garlic/Dill white cheddar curds.  


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