Wisconsin Dill Jack Cheese at our Florida Farmers Markets

Amazing Wisconsin Dill Jack Cheese

The amazing Dill Jack, what is amazing about it you may ask.  The texture alone of the cheese itself feels clean and smooth as it melts in your mouth.  The herbal flavor of dill travels through each taste bud like a rapid connection on the internet straight to your brain.  

Wisconsin Dill Jack Uses

What do you do with Jack Cheese?  What can't you do with Jack cheese is the easier question.  Due to its high moisture amount its an awesome melting cheese.  Grilled cheese, soup toppers, baked pasta dishes, quesadillas, or use as a substitute for mozzarella.(mozzarella is bland, jack has flavor) 

Knowledge/History of Dill Jack

I notice a lot of customers at the market confuse Jack cheese as Pepper Jack and they think Jack cheese is spicy.  Pepper Jack is spicy due to the peppers and spicy herbs added.  Jack can be made with any herb, which cheese makers have been experimenting with.  Check out our other herbed Jacks as well, Basil Jack, Morel and Leek Jack, Habanero Jack.  

Ever wonder how Jack Cheese got its name?  In its early years Franciscan friars from Monterey, Alta California made this cheese based on their farmers cheese recipe.  Long story short a business man named David Jacks started selling their cheese commercially nation wide and it slowly became Jacks cheese.

Dan creates the Dill Jack for our markets alone, we can cut to size at the market or get a half lb. or more sent to your door by adding Dill Jack to your cart. Enjoy cheese and prosper in life.  

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